Symmetric Capital

Investment Strategy

Symmetric Capital invests in growing, profitable companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. Typically owned by their founders, a family, or a small partnership, these businesses have already achieved notable market and financial success, yet their owners and managers choose to bring in a new partner – with capital, relevant experience, deep networks, and a strong track record of collaborative relationships – to build even stronger companies and greater equity value.

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Uses of Capital

While a CEO or owner of a profitable business may not have a critical need for capital, the addition of a value-added equity partner may become attractive at some point in the company's life-cycle. Symmetric tailors each investment to meet the immediate and longer-term objectives of a company's owners and managers. Whether we aquire a minority or majority ownership position, our equity investment may be used to:

  • Provide cash liquidity to owners – founders, family members, early investors, management, employees, or a corporate parent – allowing each to realize a portion of the equity value they have built, without having to sell the entire business (or even a majority in many cases) or incur restrictive debt.
  • Improve the company's balance sheet by reducing debt or adding working capital in support of continued growth.
  • Finance an acquisition that may be too large, too risky, or too time-consuming to undertake independently.

By enabling owners to diversify their personal financial position, strengthening a company's balance sheet, and bringing new expertise and resources to bear, a partnership with Symmetric lowers risk while better positioning a company for continued, profitable growth.